Sugovica free beach

Located in a scenic environment, the renewed free beach on the banks of the Sugovica offers an ideal opportunity for recreation on hot summer days with its riverbank terraces and sandy beaches extending through hundreds of meters. The playground created on the Sugovica free beach welcomes children with various water- oriented activities and an additional obstacle course. Youngsters and adults can use the „Sugó” karabiner cable to slide from the top of the beach centre to the opposite bank. In addition to offering a wonderful view, the sun terraces are also excellent photograph points for making a selfie in Baja.

The main square of the town and Ferenc Channel are both visible from the meeting point created along the beach to serve as a community area.

From the riverbank terraces lit by evening lights you can see as far as the loatig multimedia fountain located in the bay of the Sugovica at the water stage. The 30 metres wide and 10 meters high fan- shaped water jet of the fountain functions as a screen for watching short film sas casual evening entertainment.

Swimming pool
Petőfi island, Baja 6500,
Tel: (+36) 79/326-773

Thermal bath of Dávod
Béke square 1. Dávod-Püspökpuszta 6524,
Tel: +36 (30) 488-2471
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