Tutorial paths of the Gemenc forest

Molnárka tutorial path
Staring from Malomtelelő or Lassi this path won the first prize of the year’s ecotouristic projekt 2014 in the tutorial pathcategory. The path consists of 11 stops and stretches along more than 2 kilometers and it can be accessed by the forest train as well as by bike or on foot along the dam. The visitors find the treasuser of the flood-basin forest with the assistance of „Molnárka”, the lake water-bug by interactive ways as a plotters, sighting telescope and memory ames.
The tourists are informed about the evolution of the Gemenc forest, worldwide known red deer living in the flood-basin forest, the wild boar, the avifauna, the forest flowers, mushrooms, the black walnuttree and other types of trees, the forestry of the flood-basin forest and about the ship-mills. One of the stops on the path in located on the bank of the lake Malomtelelő where the visitors can have the luck to watch the osprey and the black stork from the observation tower. The forestry took great care in forming of the tutorial path in order to provide information and great experience also for small children in a playful way.

Tutorial at Forgó lake
From the Gemenc- Dunapart stop of the forest railway this path leads to the bank of lake Forgó, where the visitors can watch the natatores or the deers taking bath or the wild boards drinking from the backwater at close quarters from the observatory stretching over the water. This the vivid world of egrets, herns, black storks and also the osprey might appear on the sky.

Keselyűs tutorial path
From the reception building of Keselyűs the path leads back to the stop through holts of flood- basin hardwoods along the backwater of the Sió channel. The information boards tell the visitors about the forestry and wildlife management of Gemenc and also the highly protected black stork. Along the path the visitors can stop at resting areas and rain shelters.

Blue tourist line in
The Alföldi Blue Hiking Route leads the hikers through extraordinary nature and sights on its Gemenc section. Leaving Szekszárd, the hikers reach the nothern part of Gemenc forest and then the Bárányfok by walking along the dam of channel Sió. Walking throught the flood- basin forest the hikers get to Sárosalja where they can watch natatores and game cooling offin the water from the observatory tower.
Close to the observatory the northern gate of Gemenc forest, the reception building of Keselyűs invites the hikers. Passing on the route goes along the dam of the Danube on the western edges of the flood- basin forest.
Leaving Keselyűs hikers reach Szomfova- Asszonyfalva in 5 km distance with a resting place next to the memorial of the once settlement. Going on along the route hikers can catch the sight of boards rooting or even wild- cats mousing.
After the next 7 kilometers the rount enters the flood- basin again at Lassi. The hikers find a rest- camp, playground with the unique climbing made of fishpots available only here in the country, rain shelter and fire place and the Fishery exhibition as well. Passing Lassi the rout goes on from Nyárilegelő to the Ecotouristic Center on the small dam protecting the Rezét forest, where accomodation, interactive exhibition, bike and kanoe rentals invites the tourists individually and in arranged groups as well.
Starting from Pörböly paralell with the main road 55 along the banks of Cserta- Duna and Vén- Duna through the flodd- basin forest with several resting place the Gemenc section of the blue route ends. Before moving on it is worth paying a visit to the Gemenc Hikers’ Point close to the abutment of the Türr István bridge over the Danube on the Baja side, where the hikers on the Hungarian Pilgrimage and the bikers on the Eurovelo 6 often stop as there is a bike repair shop, a community information office, kitchen, bike storage, utilitiesand laundry serving the tourists.

The tree with the longest girth in Hungary
In the forest range of Pörböly the black wart asp has been titled „The tree with the longest girth in the country” since September 2013.
The tree with more than 12 m long girth can be accessed the easiest from the hunting lodge at Pörböly. The visitors are to follow the signs of „green aspen leaf” to reach the tree- giant standing 3 kms away from the hunting lodge on the bank of the Móricz- Duna.


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