Baja, Tourist Bicycle Track - Distance:12.5KM

The tourist bicycle track starts from Türr István Bridge crossing the Danube. At first we go through the flood prevention embankment to the south in parallel with the Danube, then we arrive at Saint John Chapel, where a playground waits for the families. From here the track goes through Borbíró Ferenc promenade, touching at the free open-air bath in Baja. The promenade ends in Halászpart, where we can view the Water Stage, and then we can continue our journey through the Petőfi Bridge to the „Green Downtown”, the Petőfi Island. Here you can find –among others- the new Tourist Centre also dealing with bicycle renting. From the Petőfi Island we can get over to Nagy-Pandúr Island across the foot-and bicycle bridge with mordern design. Here we reach the Pandúr Echopark to the nort in parallel with Türr cut-off, and then along Sugovica into the direction of Danube, where the educational path, a five-storey look-out tower and open-air cooking points wait for the visitors. Continuing our bicycle tour from here, we can go across the most beautiful part of Nagy-Pandúr Island, where we can admire the beauty of the untouched, wild and romantic land. At the end of our tour we can go towards Szeremle or we can return on the foot- and bicycle bridge, and across Petőfi Island into the downtown.

Érsekcsanád tour in the Danube embankment – Distance:30KM
Route: Baja – Érsekcsanád – Érsekcsanádleisure centre (playground, a possibility of barbecue) – Baja

Discovery of Hajós cellar village and the archbishop’s palace – Distance:70KM
Route: Baja, Tourist Centre – Érsekcsanád – Sükösd – Nemesnádudvar – Hajós, cellar village – Hajós, archbishop’s palace – Baja, Tourist Centre


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