Horsemen of Bácska on the lead!

We have never had to argue that we are a horse riding nation but the recent years proved that the horsemen of Bácska belong to the national leaderboard. In Baja there is an active horsemanship community with high popularity of horse-riding even among young kids, and the National Sprint with increasing popularity serves to remind us: we are good at it as well earlier Gyöngyi Molnár (2011) redounded the honour of our city and the region, then János Németh won the national tournament twice (2013,2015), gaining the Sword of Sprint. The name of Baja has definitively melded together with the notion of National Gallop.

Equestrian facilities in Baja and in the region:

Remény equestrian school
II. körzet 58. Baja 6500 (the end of Szivárvány street)
Tel: (+36) 30/391-4694

Király equestrian ranch
Parcelok 27/a Jánoshalma 6440
Tel: (+36) 30/415-0344; (+36) 30/627-0744
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Web: www.kiralylovastanya.hu

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