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Recomended water trips in Gemenc
Gemenc Forest-Rezét Danube water doctrine-path
You can go on water trips on the water doctrine-path established in the biggest Gemenc branch either by yourself or with guidance. Its starting ponts is on the bank of Rezét Danube, at the train stop of Nyárilegelő, next to the Blue Tourist Route, 6 kms north of Pörböly. From this settlement you can reach the water trek route by talking the scheduled narrow-gauge railway. Canoes and tourists are taken to the venue by train, then back.

Recommended routes
Set off at Nyárilegelő. Rowing against the stream in the branch you can get around Veránka Island in about 8 hours. During the tour you pass Lovas-fok, Senki Island (No, Man’s Island) and a cottage owned by the council. Arriving at the Danube, after rowing with the flow for approximately 3 kms, you’ll get to the lower mouth of Rezét Danube. In the backwater you’ll pass the angling cottages at Veránka, the fishing farm at Rezét and the hunting lodge at Kisrezét getting back to where you started your trio (length of the trip: about 18 kms).
Row upwards on Rezét Danube until you get to the upper mouth of the river. You may take a short break on a sandbank there, then get back to Nyárilegelő (length of the trip: about 14 kilometers).
Row with the flow on Rezét Danube until you get to the lower mouth of the river, then get back ton Nyárilegelő (length of the trip: about 8 kilometers).

Other important facts
Rezét Danube flows along territories under grated protection, so stepping on lands is not allowed, You can tie up your boat and take a rest on the sandbank above the holiday home. Water tourist must keep the rules and instructions of tour guides or fellow passengers who have more experience and expertise in waters. Everyone takes part in the trips on their own responsibility. those who cannot swim, or any children under 14 has to put on a life-jacket.

Roaming in a canoe in Gemenc Forest
During a half-or one-day guided canoe trip you can get an insight into the fascinating bird life of Danube branches and also take a walk in Gemenc Forest. You can get to know ancient professions, fishing and the empire of beavers. When the weather is good and the water level is low enough, you can enjoy sunbathing on a Danube sandbank and swimming is the river. On demad, having stew-pot meals and a barbeque can make the programme even more colourful.

Ark tours
You can explore waters in the environs in a tour canoe, a single tour kayak or a motorboat. Tours: Koppány Island roundtrip, Rezét Danube trip, Móricz Danube trip, Big Danube trip, Sugovica trip, Szeremle Danube trip.

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Motor- boat trip arround the Koppányi- island
Time: about 2-2,5 hours

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