Floating Jack
Lightpoints float on the Sugovica River which dressed up darkness, while the crowd follows this gorgeous event on the shore. It is how it is done in Baja on St John of Nepomuk’s holiday. The
Baja Fishsoup Festival
Baja is known internationally for its fishsoup festival which is recorded in the book of records and became a real festival over the years. Yearly almost two thousand local and rural casual cooks
Museums, galleries, exhibition places
Istvan Türr museumIt is the museum of local history of northern Bácska, the northern part of the onetime Bács-Bodrog country, collecting, publishing and presenting primarily the museal artefacts of
City centre round
Baja is one of the most characterful aquatic cities along the Danube in Hungary. This cosy city was built at the meeting of the Danube and its backwater, Sugovica, therefore water has always been
  • Castle and Mayor of Karapancsa

    Castle and Mayor of Karapancsa

    The Manor of Karapancsa of Gemencz Zrt is situated not long away from Hercegszántó. Around the manor and its forebear park the tourists can visit the little castle of Karapancsa…
  • Hunting


    The Gemenc Forest and Game Co. manages 52,500 ha forest- range in the southern area of Hungary, on both banks of the river Danube and its close surroundings. The forest-…
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