Floating Jack
St. John Chapel, Halászpart- (’Fishermen’s Banks’), Petőfi- island12th May Lightpoints float on the Sugovica River which dressed up darkness, while the crowd follows this gorgeous event on the
XXIII. Baja Fishsoup Festival
Szentháromság square, Petőfi- island 12-15th July Baja is known internationally for its fishsoup festival which is recorded in the book of records and became a real festival over the years.
Exhibition opening ceremony of „Csodálatos Baja 2018” program range
The cultural palace of Bácska11th May The guests can see József Kántor’s exhibition in the cultural palace of Bácska and you can listen the Liszt Ferenc Choir.
The Awaiting Whitsun Choir Festival
The cultural palace of Bácska12th May The Liszt Ferenc Choir has successfully arranged the Awaiting Whitsun Choir Festival for 10 years. The choirs come from Jászberény, Eger, Pécs,
Sugo Beachfestival
Sugo beach, water stage8-9th Juny The Sugovica, the side line of the Danube is usually quiet, but it has proven to bed a good location for these events in the last few years. Spectacular shows
Horse day of Bácska
Petőfi- island20th August It offers whole day entertainment for the youngs and olds of the family as a noon official feast day of the region of Baja. The event is enriched by double
Luciano Pavarotti memorial gala concert
Water stage20th August The master course name after Luciano Pavarotti led by opera singer Dénes Gulyás exites a great interest.
Summer Outdoor Games
Petőfi- island24-25-26th August www.bajaiszabadteri.hu The already traditional Baja summer Outdoor Games was held for the first in 2012 due to the collaboration of Baja Marketing Ltd. and the
Treasures of Bácska natural days
Petőfi- island7-8 th September During the Festival the producers of the wine region offer a taste of their pride of their winery in the  downtown. The harvest of the grapes is held in September.
The Gypsy baron
City Theater (3. Oroszlán street, Baja 6500)12-13th october The series events during The Miracolous Baja has been closed by an act in favour of opera-lovers. Besides The University Orchestra of
Museums, galleries, exhibition places
Istvan Türr museumIt is the museum of local history of northern Bácska, the northern part of the onetime Bács-Bodrog country, collecting, publishing and presenting primarily the museal artefacts of
City centre round
Baja is one of the most characterful aquatic cities along the Danube in Hungary. This cosy city was built at the meeting of the Danube and its backwater, Sugovica, therefore water has always been

Wonderful Baja Programs

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